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Styling tutorial

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Watch this blow-dry and flat iron curl tutorial using all Natulique hair products!

So many times my clients ask me, "Can you help me learn to style my hair?" And the answer is "YES" I can. So, i try to answer their questions behind the chair while dodging other clients and stylists passing by my chair. Then I try to speak over my blowdryer without yelling, demonstrate while having both hands tied up holding my tools, and show them in the mirror what I am doing even though the length of the cord on my blowdryer doesn't reach all the way behind my chair. All of this, only to have them catch a minimal amount of way I am saying, be overwhelmed with information AND only remember a small fraction of what I said. Another challenge, is that even though I give them some tips and tricks in the chair, they can't seem to replicate those things at home because having someone blow dry your hair is completely different than doing it yourself! After all, our arms can only reach so far and we can't walk around our own head, am I right? (If you can walk around your own head, then this blog post may not be for you) In the end, this can leave much to be desired and I don't want anyone feeling like they aren't 100% taken care of while in my chair.

So, I decided to create a video of myself blowdrying my own hair, so that my clients can see what it looks like when a person uses the tips and tricks I teach them on themselves! It's important to note that my hand position and control over my own hair is not perfect, even though I am a professional stylist and I blow-dry hair all day. My arms and my shoulders get tired too! So, you can do this! You just have to know what to do and what to use! And I don't meant to say that to sell you something! But if we have to use it to achieve great results behind the chair, then you have to use it at home to get the same effect. There is just no way around it!

I will try to further break down these steps later as I develop my blog and include links to each step. To watch the full tutorial CLICK THIS LINK and look in my highlights under tutorial!!

Step 1. I washed my hair with Natulique's Colour Shield Hair Wash

Step 2. Conditioned with Colour Shield Hair and Scalp Treatment

These products are extremely fragrant and contain TONS of nourishing essential oils, extracts and ingredients that are certified organic and natural. Specifically I want to mention BDMBD that these products have because it is excellent for preserving the hair and preserving your HAIR COLOR! I just colored my hair right before filming this tutorial so I wanted to make sure that I sealed it in for the best longevity that I can achieve!

Step 3. Nourishing Hair Cream

A tiny amount goes a LONG way!! Emulsify a little amount at a time in your hands and apply to your mid strands and ends. You can even comb through for better saturation! I can't stress that enough. This product protects your hair from the heat of the blowdryer! You should ALWAYS be using something in your hair at this step. This particular product is great because it tames frizz, detangles and softens the hair so that you have great control and mobility while you are gliding the brush through your hair. You can see in the tutorial how sleek my blowout is because of the moisturizing memory that this product helps me acheive.

Step 4. Volume Shape Hair Mousse

A small handful of this product gives my hair a boost. You can see in my tutorial video that I apply this mostly toward the root area of my hair where I need the most lift. But i NEVER recommend massaging product into your scalp unless it is FOR your scalp. You want this product to provide lift and hold at the base of your strands so that you can lock in your style when shaping your hair with the round brush.

I will insert a link later to a more specific breakdown of round bruising later. But I want to note a few important things!

  1. Before you ever start using a round brush in your hair, you want to be sure that your hair is anywhere from 60- 80% dry already!

  2. Clip parts of your hair up into sections.

  3. Break those sections into smaller sections as you round brush so that they are much easier to manage while using your brush. *A good rule of thumb is to try to grab sections that are only as wide as the brush that you are using!

Step 5. Heat and Sun Protector

A mist of this product can be used on wet hair as well as dry hair. As you can see in the tutorial, I prefer to use it on dry hair. I just use a light misting over sections of my hair and brush or comb it through before applying any heat. An important thing to note about this product is that it protects your hair from the SUN!! This is something that we forget all the time that we need to do, yet, we come into contact with this every day! Skin care lines have stressed using SPF daily, yet we don't use any protection on our hair. SO!! I love that this product protects from the sun and heat styling so that you can protect your hair without an extra step!

In this tutorial I curl my hair with a flat iron, so I will come back later and insert a link here for more detailed advice on how to do that!

Step 6. Medium Hold Hairspray

Once you have everything the way that you like, lock your style in with hairspray! Even if you don't like a firm hold for your hair, a light all over mist with do wonders. or spraying from the bottom of your hair can lock in your lift!

This particular spray contains Vitamin B5, as well as, all the other products in this tutorial. So you can maintain the structure of your style and the strength of your hair!

Step 7. Marvel at the GREAT JOB that you have done!!

You can see in the finished results that my style is FULL of volume and flexible hold. The results are smooth and have a natural healthy luster! You can do it! I believe in you! And if you have any questions along the way, post them below for me to answer! You can also find me on Instagram and send me photos of your results! Or post them on your Instagram

and tag me!! I would love to see or hear how any of these tips helped you at home!


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